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Wednesday, 21 February 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET La Tondra Murray “Essential Skills for Emerging Leaders”:This interactive workshop will focus on critical competencies requisite for emerging leaders preparing for the rigor of management in the context of technical business challenges.

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Wednesday, 7 March 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET Kelly Myers, Inma Rodriguez, Amy Wettenhall, Hanna Sibley “PressForProgress and Gender Parity”: There is still a lot to be done to empower women in all aspects of life across the globe – culturally, politically, socially and economically. Join  Ericsson as we lead a discussion on Women Empowerment and Gender Parity in 2018 and help us #PressforProgress. 


Wednesday, 11 April 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET Veronica Osinski, Lisa Marrone  Leading a Venture Back-able Business“:  

Join us if you are a founder of a technology business that will be raising institutional capital, or if you are thinking about someday starting a company but have not yet made the leap. We will cover a variety of topics useful to early stage founders including how to pitch your business, what VCs look for in a business and team, and what to expect when raising your first financing or Series A. We will share wisdom and pitfalls to avoid from having seen the trajectory of dozens of companies. There will be time allotted for Q&A.​


Wednesday,  18 April 1:00PM – 2:00PM ET  Caroline Stern, Demetra Pittas, Leona Young, Sandra Cutrona, Scholastica Lau “Surfing the Wave of Disruptive Tech“: As the cycle of disruptive technology introduction has become shorter, this requires continuous changes and adaptation of our way of working from development over deployment to operations. Join Ericsson as we lead a discussion on how to drive changes and stay on top of the game with the continuous technology disruption.


Wednesday,  25 April  1:00PM – 2:00PM ET Brain-Based Productivity Hacks“: 

Year after year Gallup takes the pulse on workforce attitudes worldwide. And year after year, results indicate that on average, only 30% of employees are fully engaged! Certainly, a dynamic weave of external and internal factors impact our ability to be highly productive and immersed in our work. But where can the individual influence control? By understanding the science of the brain, all employees (from individual contributor to executive) can influence control by mitigating weaknesses and positioning themselves for greater stamina, agility, success, and engagement within fluid workplace scenarios.



Wednesday,  9 May  1:00PM – 2:00PM ET
Sarang Shaikh, Ramla Qureshi, Hannah Schaapkens
“Women on Web – How to Utilize Social Media to Achieve Success and Build Your Brand“: 

The recent decade has seen issues that have influenced women – equal pay, sexual harassment, representation on technical and corporate boards, just to name a few. The number of women in web and STEM careers has grown significantly over the past 10 years, but still females aren’t becoming as identifiable as known male figures such as Steve Jobs. The challenge is to make people believe that a “she” can also be a techie, a web-genius, or a founder of a technical company. But it is possible, with the proper guidance to achieve the success they deserve and build their brand to boldly share career accomplishments.

 This virtual session will uncover ways and explore processes where women need to utilize the ubiquity of web technology and social media to make their position equal to men throughout the world. We will brainstorm ideas that matter, thoughts that force contemplation, and words that have gone unspoken…until now!

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Wednesday,  16 May  –  More information on this session and how to register coming soon!”